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Guidelines for Poster Presentation

You may wish to consider a poster presentation as opposed to the traditional oral presentation because posters allow you more time to present to a much larger audience base.

  • Each poster session author will need to provide a poster file in PNG format: 1024px width & 1200px height
  • The poster will be published on Bioinformatics Review ConARB 2020 portal and social media handles.
  • Authors are encouraged to publicize their posters  as soon as the session starts.  Comments and engagement from general social media users will also be taken into account during review. 
  • All illustrations, charts, etc., to be posted should be prepared in advance as materials for these purposes will not be available at the time of conference.
  • Keep the text of posters clean and concise to be read easily by attendees. Lettering on illustrations should be large and legible.
  •  Material should be displayed in logical sequence (introduction, development, conclusion).
  • The effectiveness of a poster presentation will be enhanced by using techniques such as using colored background, etc., to improve the graphic impact. Please note, however, that simplicity, ease of reading, etc., are more important than artistic flair.
  • Avoid overcrowding figures and cramming too many numbers into tables. Legends and titles should accompany all figures, tables, photographs, etc. in order to allow their immediate identification.
  • No commercial activities or any advertising may be displayed on the posters. Non-compliance with this rule will result in the poster being removed.
  • The conference will include virtual attendees, so please be sure to speak clearly into the microphone and repeat any questions that are asked by the attendees to ensure that all participants can follow the discussion.
  • Authors may wish to keep extra copies of their data and conclusions.
  • Posters will be arranged by topic on one of two conference days and remain up the full day. Approximately two hours each of those days is set aside for poster presentations when no other sessions are scheduled. 
  • The authors need not be present the entire time but if not, should post the hours when they will be at their poster.
  • In case any query rises, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

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